Fender Mustang I V.2 20-watt 1x8" Modeling Combo Amp

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The standard for modern guitar versatility and muscle. Mustang amps are incredible Fender tone machines for today's guitarists, driven by remarkably authentic amp models, a wealth of built-in effects and easy USB connectivity. And like no other amps, Mustang models make it easy to record, edit, store and share your music.

Ideal for guitarists new to digital recording, the versatile Mustang I delivers an exciting ride for such a compact and easily portable design, with great tone from 20 watts of power, an 8" speaker and an astounding array of features.


    • 20 watts

    • 8” Fender Special Design speaker

    • 17 amp models and 24 onboard presets

    • Reverb, delay/echo, tremolo, phaser and other effects

    • USB connectivity for audio recording output